Monday, April 10, 2006

Got some work on the store textures done today -- by which I mean I got one of them about 30% done. In fairness, it's the build's most detailed texture, with a lot of marble tiles arranged in various designs. (Or "marble tiles," if you prefer, given that it's all pixels.)

I'm working on a gown right now; it's turning into a learning experience and an experiment. I had to figure out how to draw designs in seed beads: simply filling an area with noise made it look like it was covered in glitter, not an orderly line of tiny beads. I'm having to figure out how to draw iridescence in fabric -- I think I've got a handle on that, at least -- and I'm doing my first elaborate prim skirt. It's got some drapery on it that's done with prims. On one hand, this doesn't look like real draped fabric. On the other hand, I don't think it's any less realistic than the cylinders that are used in your standard prim skirt. So I'll see how it goes.


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