Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hiatus sale #2, for the week of 4/24: 75% off my prim swirl wings.

These are full prim wings -- not just textured plates -- with swirls and mirrored/glass discs (the mirrors look nice, but require Shiny Objects). They're normally quite pricey, but now they're on sale for L$100-131. Choose between gold, silver, and gunmetal, and between scripted and nonscripted versions. The scripted versions let you change the disc color and material easily, and even come with nonscripted versions in case you're worried about lag. Everything is copy/mod/no transfer; IM me if you want a no copy/mod/transfer version.

Get them at Nusambaruku (139, 206, 22) -- pay attention to the price in the floating text, not the price on the product image!


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