Sunday, April 30, 2006

I've created a group for updates (and early releases, and special sales, and all that jazz); join Miriel's Latest if you're interested. I just put up a hidden prerelease store for the group, an idea I stole borrowed from Elikapeka Tiramisu and her Hair Whore store. My store's just for early releases, though, not discounts on new things.

And I've got something to put in the store! I'm still officially on hiatus, but I did finish up a geisha style hairpin. (It'll be in the regular store once I come off hiatus and the regular store is done.) Here it is, in something I dubbed "bright gold":

(Skin by sachi Vixen, hair by ETD.)

I wanted to call it "cheap gold," but I figured that might put some people off.

It'll be available for general sale as soon as I'm off hiatus. Which will happen as soon as I'm done with my new store. So I suppose I better stop making sconces and hairpins and get back to drawing bas reliefs of roses...


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