Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hiatus sale this week is 50% off Queen of Heaven stuff. Ever wanted a full prim tiara for under L$100? Now's your chance.

Work on the new store continues slowly but steadily. I'm aiming to be done in a month or so. Which is pretty long, but gives me time to go at a leisurely pace and take the time to do a good job.

And I can't completely sit on my hands about the store any longer! I've really got my hopes up about it and I've got to share. I think my textures (so far) and architecture both look nicer this time. There are still a few awkward bits in the architecture, but I think it accomplishes one of its primary goals -- looking larger in scope -- pretty well. So many commercial builds in SL are just gigantic, single warehouses, and I wanted to avoid that; I wanted, ideally, a small section of a city on my plot. And while I don't think I met that ideal, I like what I did manage to do. My build has multiple buildings. It has variable roof heights and building sizes (not as variable as I'd like, but still). It has a variable ground level -- i.e., the bottom floors of all the buildings are not at the same height. It has a little garden tucked away on one side. It has an observation tower. It has balconies and halls. It has an underground area. It has a reflecting pool (damn you, 1.9.1 and your inaccessible Ripple Water!). It is -- or will be -- its own little walled complex, and I'm pleased with how it's going along, even if I wish it were going faster.


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