Sunday, June 18, 2006

As soon as I do the product photos for the new dress, I think I'll be done with the textures for my build. (I say "think," because it's happened a few times already that I've applied textures to the build and found that I needed to change them.) And I've done a little terraforming, and I've put everything I'll be selling into my new boxes. The main thing I have to do now is actually apply the textures to the build. This is quite time consuming and tedious, because:

1. I am a perfectionist and will spend time adjusting the offsets by 0.001 to make sure everything lines up correctly.
2. Many of my floors are octagons made of eight prims, with one texture to be stretched across the whole thing, or tiled smoothly across it. Getting the textures to line up properly is an enormous pain.


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