Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Progress on the neverending build continues, but is typically slow. As of today, I know I have to put together the following textures:

1 floor texture (easy; it'll just take one tweak of an existing texture)
7 textures for the undersides of brick arches
6 product photos, for the new dress

Huh. That's a much smaller list than I thought, now that I look at it. And it's a lot smaller than my previous lists! Makes me feel like I've accomplished something, even if new problems keep popping up as I work.

It's the arch textures that are going to be the worst; I'll need to do a lot of uploading and tweaking per texture. They're very simple textures, thank goodness, but it's difficult to get the bricks on the front of the arch to match up with the bricks on the underside. (Oh, and I just remembered the topsides of the arches. Gah. Oh please oh please, let the underside textures work for those.)

I also have to texture the build (not a small thing in and of itself), and do some more building. This latter I hadn't planned on, but now that I've applied a few textures, I've realized the buildings will look better with some trim on the bottom. It's sort of a pain, but without giving the buildings a solid grounding, they don't look very solid -- and given that they're supposed to be made of marble, this is a problem.


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