Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Warning: more buildblogging ahead.

I was actually ahead of schedule yesterday, when it came to build texturing! I finished every single octagonal floor, and got to some of the other floors. Of course, that was only because I spent about seven hours working, and since I didn't put in that time today, I'm now behind again.

I've shown the untextured build to a few people so far. They seemed impressed.

I'll be so happy to be done! I'm really getting antsy now. This build is my baby and I want to show it off. And I want to sell things publically again.

I did try to do some fun work on a non-build project -- a pretty, simple circlet -- but I was getting terrible prim drift. I still have a nagging sense of guilt that I should have perservered, even though bits of the thing were wandering off every few minutes.


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