Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm probably the only person who does, but I love the new photo system! No longer do I have to choose between the terrible compression of low rez photos and the computer killing, ridiculous hugeness of high rez photos. I'm having it give me 1600x1200 snapshots, and it's wonderful.

I realize other people are having problems, but my laptop is going downhill -- I think the fan's dying, probably thanks to SL -- and shuts itself down when doing anything strenuous. After one or two high resolution pictures, it turns itself off. And the old low resolution photos aren't acceptable to me: if you zoom in close enough to get detail on jewelry, you then have to contend with distortion. It's been very difficult for me to take product photos, but now I can again. (Now, if only LL could do something about the sheer tedium of taking product photos.)

Here's one I took tonight, of an outfit/jewelry combination I cobbled together when I got too frustrated with the other outfit I've been working on. A departure from what I usually do, but it was fun to work with all the bright colors.

(Skin: Nomine; hair: ETD; shoes: Shiny Things)


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