Tuesday, August 15, 2006

As you all (all two of you) are probably aware by now, I've collaborated with Elika Tiramisu, and a style including my work (called Sincere) has been released. I was very impressed when I first saw the style. I'd made up three different hair accessories for Elika to incorporate into her hair however she liked, and the headband was, for me, the most troublesome. I just couldn't get it to fit a bare head very well. When I sent it off, I assumed Elika wouldn't fully be able to shake that awkwardness. The headband looks completely natural when worn with Sincere, though, and the hairstyle isn't oddly shaped or anything. I'm really looking forward to seeing what she does with the other items I've sent her.

Changing subjects, I made a circlet. I'm so pleased with it (and I'm tempted to try to make a dress to go with it, but I really don't have time), but I can't decide what colors to make it available in. I don't want to sell too many separate versions of it, for fear of my customers' eyes glazing over. I'm toying with the idea of only doing multipacks; e.g., one gemstone in three different metals, or two circlets of the same metal and different gemstone colors. The latter's probably a better idea, if I go that route, since buyers of multiple items usually go for different gemstones in the same metal, rather than vice versa.

I also spent nearly two hours adjusting my vendors. Gah. I changed the settings so that the name of each individual item is displayed, which meant I had to go rename everything. Well, I didn't have to, but the extra "(Miriel)" in the front of each name just added needless hoverspam. There's already a bit more hovertext than there was before, but hopefully this is more than offset by the increase in user friendliness. Customers no longer have to wait for the image to rez to know what the vendor is displaying. Not vastly useful if they're potentially interested in the item, but it does allow them to quickly click past things they know they don't want.


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