Thursday, August 24, 2006

"Fairy Tale" is a Medieval fantasy gown and circlet set I've made. The gown is being sold with exclusive, matching circlets (e.g., the red and purple gown has a red and purple circlet), while solid color versions of the circlet are also sold separately. As usual, everything is also sold in heavily discounted multipacks. Copy/mod/no transfer; IM me if you prefer no copy/mod/transfer. :)

The gown is entirely hand drawn, and comes with two flexiprim skirts (a bigger one and a smaller, simpler one) and two ways to wear the top. It comes in nine color combinations total: red/yellow, red/purple, green/yellow, green/blue, blue/purple, purple/green, black/white, and -- for all you wicked queens and stepmothers out there -- black/red and black/purple.

The separate circlet comes in gold and silver, and in seven gemstones: diamond, jet, ruby, citrine, emerald, sapphire, and amethyst.

As a note, this was made for the Tete a Pied release party. All the skins in the pictures are from the new series. :)

The gown:

(Hair, left to right: Godiva by Lashed, Refined by ETD, Esperanza by Panache; skin: Tete a Pied)

The simpler skirt on it:

(Hair: Esperanza by Panache; skin: Tete a Pied)

The circlet:

(Hair: Godiva by Lashed; skin: Tete a Pied)


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