Thursday, August 10, 2006

I had a gown I was working on for a while (which I've since tossed), and it had beaded designs on it. You know, in seed beads. This required a number of steps:

1. Drawing the seed beads on a bigger scale.
2. Shrinking them down (and watching all my artistic sins disappear).
3. Drawing the designs on a layer I planned to delete later.
4. Using the clone brush, on a separate layer, place each bead by hand.
5. Attempt to minimize the damage done to my soul by tedium.

My next gown also includes beaded designs, but this time, I was smart. I made a picture tube of seed beads! Oh, I still had to draw the beads, and the basic design, but no more spending hours on cloning. All I do is draw, and a line of varied beads comes out. Hooray!


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