Friday, September 01, 2006

I've got a new set of earrings made and textured. All I have to do now is pack them up, do the product photos, put them onto SLB and SLX, cram them into a vendor, and that'll be it. Okay, that's probably a day or two worth of work right there, but it's managable.

Or would be, if I weren't sloooowly in the process of rebranding. It's all behind the scenes stuff now (struggling with a logo, making no copy/trans versions of things, revising some products and deciding to do away with others, redoing product photos, etc.), but I'm really reluctant to make new product photos because I know I'll just have to redo them. I die a little inside at the thought of making two sets of product photos for these earrings.

(Texturing has really been causing a bottleneck for me lately. I've got this great choker that's got all the prims in place, but I have to make the bead textures. Gaah. And I'm redoing the textures for a collaboration I did, because my clothes drawing skills have improved in the meantime. And I've got some shoes that are, again, done except for the textures. And I've got an Edwardian dress I need to get back to work on.)

I'm also rethinking how I'll do SLX and SLB things, once my remodel is finished. Yes, they bring in some sales, but they require a lot of work. Once I'm rebranded, in fact, they'll require their very own product photos. I may go the way Elika has chosen and just upload fatpacks.


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