Thursday, August 03, 2006

New necklace out today, just something I tossed together because it seemed like a pleasant enough idea, and I haven't done enough quirky stuff lately. I'm getting lazy -- this essentially uses the chain from Iridescent Neon (though I altered it to make it more delicate), which in turn was based on the chain from Decadent Hours. I'm happy with it, though. It strikes me as somewhat Gothic Lolita-ish; I think it's the frilly border around the mirror, along with the general absurdity of it.

L$100 for one; L$130 for the whole pack. Normally I try to price my multipacks a little bit above the price of two copies, on the basis that it's better to target customers that already have an interest in buying more than one version of something. That said, I don't expect this to generate a lot of demand, so I dropped the multipack price to slightly over the cost of one. Will it work? Probably not. I'm terrible at pricing!

(Hair: ETD; skin: Gala Phoenix)


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