Thursday, September 14, 2006

It seems the nonbordered product photos won. So the Miriel Everyday line will have no borders on the product photos, and the Miriel line will have borders. More elaborate borders, though, not those dinky little things. (Now the big problem facing me is how many columns my store should have.) Thanks to those of you that gave your input. :)

Releases have slowed as I work on the rebranding, and they'll stay slow for a while. I do have something I should get out within the next few days, though. (I'd have released it earlier, but the product photos were a problem. Tete a Pied's wonderful Peach skins have solved that, though!)

Oh, yes, and I've got a special offer for everyone in my update group, Miriel's Latest. All this week, I'm giving away one free jewelry item of your choice, with optional minor custom retexturing. I posted a notice about it, with a notecard attached; see the card for more details, including what exactly I mean by "minor retexturing."


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