Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Grar. My lousy computer is so frustrating. I'm trying to do some actual digital painting on it -- I am once again trying to start a skin, and will presumably fail like I have the other dozen times I've tried this -- and the machine's having none of it. It's a 1024x1024 file, and it's struggling to keep up. (Add to this my existing troubles of getting a smooth gradient when doing this kind of hand painted -- I don't know if it's my crappy generic brand tablet, or if I just suck -- and it's so aggravating.)

I want a computer that doesn't suck! Something where the keys work the first time they're pressed. Something that doesn't shut itself down during the arduous task of cutting and pasting things in a 512x512 image. Something that doesn't crash if I move the mouse too quickly while painting. Something where the mouse settings don't go back to the default every time it goes into sleep mode. Something where the graphics card doesn't slow down every thirty seconds.


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