Friday, November 17, 2006

Okay, this is going to be long. Cory Edo gave a demonstration of CopyBot; this is a chat log of that. Most of this is information you probably know if you've read her post about this or Szentasha Salome's comment about it, but there's some new stuff, too. In case you don't want to slog through the entire log, here's what I think is either new information or old information that wasn't made 100% clear in those two posts I linked:

1. Attachments with tortured prims will be copied perfectly. I had Cory test this out with one of my necklaces. If you've ever used the prim mirror script with tortured items, you know they have to be retortured after they're mirrored. Not so here. I don't know if this works for free standing objects. Also, apparently you can only copy tortured prims if they're part of a link set, but this wasn't demonstrated.

2. The copybot obeys IMs and automatically accepts teleports from anyone, at least in this version. This is why those simple copybot defeaters (the ones that IM "!quit" to everyone) work. This can be used for evil, of course...

3. Free standing objects can only be copied if they're within the bot's line of sight, and the copier has the UUID of the object. Unfortunately, there are apparently scripts that will nab the UUIDs of everything around them.

4. Because the copybot can't walk, turn, fly, or otherwise move (besides teleporting), someone using it may have to work to get it into position, either by TPing it around or pushing it. This is a good indication that you're dealing with a copybot.

5. Copied attachments are not just copy/mod/transfer, but also set "share with group" and "allow anyone to copy." This isn't a huge deal, but there you go.

[1:33] Azure Park: ty
[1:33] Motoko Mikita: crikey
[1:33] Cory Edo: haha everyone might wanna step back from Ivana
[1:33] Cory Edo: Ivana is my tester alt I'm using for this
[1:34] Cory Edo: the first thing to know about this is that its version 1.0, compiled
[1:34] Feras Nolan: hey
[1:34] Jana Fleming: thanks
[1:34] Cory Edo: basically this is the one that was released by libsl, but its not the source code
[1:34] Cory Edo: with the source code you can do things like change the kill command, but we'll get to that in a second
[1:35] Abby Callisto: with that big thing on its?
[1:35] Cory Edo: haha that big thing was left over from another demo
[1:35] Abby Callisto: o
[1:35] Cory Edo: first thing to know is you really need two avatars to run this
[1:35] Cory Edo: one for your control avatar (me) and one to act as the copybot (Ivana)
[1:35] Cory Edo: when you use the copybot program, you're not logged into the SL client
[1:36] Cory Edo: its a command line program (that black box with just type) that you start up
[1:36] Cory Edo: type in the av's username and password
[1:36] Abby Callisto: ok so how will lindens ban them then?
[1:36] Cory Edo: well that's the thing, it can't really be banned as its a program, not something that exists in SL
[1:36] Abby Callisto: Ivana isnt logged into SL client?
[1:36] Cory Edo: nope
[1:36] Abby Callisto: man-o-mans
[1:36] Cory Edo: all I have open on my computer right now is the SL client for Cory Edo
[1:36] Feras Nolan: they can ban the fake account and maybe check the IP address and stuff
[1:36] Abby Callisto: the man who created this should be shot with bb's till deads
[1:36] Abby Callisto: o.o
[1:37] Cory Edo: well here we'll get to that
[1:37] Cory Edo: now because Ivana isn't logged into the client
[1:37] Cory Edo: I can't move her
[1:37] Cory Edo: make her walk
[1:37] Cory Edo: access her inventory
[1:37] Cory Edo: anything like that
[1:37] Cory Edo: heeey FW
[1:37] Fallingwater Cellardoor: hi thanks!
[1:37] Cory Edo: no problemo
[1:38] Cory Edo: ok like I was saying Ivana's inworld but I can't really make her do anything
[1:38] Cory Edo: I can command her by sending her IMs with specific messages
[1:38] Cory Edo: but there's really only about 4 things you can command her to do
[1:38] Cory Edo: the first thing is copying an avatar
[1:38] Frogger: Hello Abby Callisto!
[1:38] Frogger: Hello Cory Edo!
[1:38] Frogger: Hello Motoko Mikita!
[1:38] Cory Edo: I send her the message !avatar Cory Edo in IM
[1:38] Frogger: Hello Ivana Boogiewoogie!
[1:38] aEoLuS Waves: Heya ALL
[1:38] Jana Fleming: so you dont have to be on the same sim?
[1:39] Cory Edo: you do - in fact
[1:39] Jana Fleming: ok
[1:39] Cory Edo: well theoretically
[1:39] Frogger: Hello Miriel Enfield!
[1:39] Frogger: Hello Feras Nolan!
[1:39] Cory Edo: you can send her an IM from anywhere
[1:39] Cory Edo: but
[1:39] Frogger: Hello Abby Callisto!
[1:39] Frogger: Hello Miriel Enfield!
[1:39] Frogger: Hello Motoko Mikita!
[1:39] Frogger: Hello Cory Edo!
[1:39] Frogger: Hello Feras Nolan!
[1:39] Cory Edo: Ivana can only copy what she sees
[1:39] Abby Callisto: omgs she just createds UUUU
[1:39] Cory Edo: in her natural line of sight
[1:39] Cory Edo: if I had been standing behind her and told her to copy me
[1:39] Cory Edo: she couldn't do it
[1:39] Cory Edo: think of it like anything you see right now on your screen, if you were a copybot, you could copy (in terms of avatars)
[1:40] Feras Nolan: so kinda never face a copybot lol
[1:40] Cory Edo: so it wouldn't help much if I was in another sim
[1:40] Jana Fleming: lol
[1:40] Cory Edo: because I couldn't see what she was looking at
[1:40] Cory Edo: follow?
[1:40] Feras Nolan: shape isnt copied
[1:40] Cory Edo: yeah, shape gets wierd
[1:40] Cory Edo: and it gets wierder
[1:40] You: I was just going to ask about that.
[1:40] Cory Edo: FW - mak says hi
[1:40] Cory Edo: anyway
[1:40] Fallingwater Cellardoor: tell him i say hi:)
[1:41] Cory Edo: ok she's mirroring my movements too
[1:41] Feras Nolan: piercing is floating around
[1:41] Cory Edo: that will stop as soon as Im out of range
[1:41] Cory Edo: yeah, it seems to copy the prim attachments then place them
[1:41] Cory Edo: now depending on how laggy the sim is, how many prims the attachment has etc
[1:41] Cory Edo: this can take a while to make a full copy
[1:41] Cory Edo: had one girl last night that the prim skirt never finished copying after 20 minutes
[1:41] aEoLuS Waves: kk my concern.. Can you now sell that piercing? and does it keeps its texture?
[1:41] Abby Callisto: i want to see it make something of mine
[1:42] Cory Edo: it *will* keep the texture but it will *not* keep any contents - scripts, animations, etc.
[1:42] Abby Callisto: can it copy furniture or just avies?
[1:42] Frogger: Hello Paul Lapointe!
[1:42] Feras Nolan: scary
[1:42] You: how do you get it away from the copybot? I gather you can command it to drop things?
[1:42] Cory Edo: it can copy any object that is 1. in its line of sight and 2. you have the UUID for
[1:43] Cory Edo: I cannot command it to copy things - I'll have to close out of the copybot client and relog as Ivana in order to get to any of the attachments that were copied
[1:43] Paul Lapointe: watching you do that just then i have to say i feel like there is no point in making clothes right now
[1:43] Cory Edo: clothing and shapes are safe
[1:43] Feras Nolan: if you did buy something you can get uuids right?
[1:43] Cory Edo: I'll show you that next
[1:43] Cory Edo: Feras - I believe it depends on the perms
[1:43] Feras Nolan: ye right
[1:43] Cory Edo: usually people use scanner scripts for things like that
[1:44] Abby Callisto: ok, so if somehtin is no mod no copy but trans
[1:44] Cory Edo: no clothing and shapes are safe, we can try the uuid part in a minute
[1:44] Cory Edo: but I do want to show you what happens with the clothing
[1:44] aEoLuS Waves: No copy / mod and trans?
[1:44] Cory Edo: I'm going to close out of the copybot and relog as Ivana the normal way
[1:45] You: Stupid question, but it'll copy only attachments that you have the UUID for, or are those handled differently than free objects?
[1:45] Feras Nolan: guess all attachments
[1:45] Abby Callisto: cory, id like to see it copy a carriage of mine if you have time..I want tos see how long it takes to copy firniture and things
[1:45] Cory Edo: attachments are handled differently than standalone objects
[1:45] aEo Prim Watch v9.4f: Netherlands : 10:45
[1:45] aEo Prim Watch v9.4f: Central Time : 4:45
[1:45] aEo Prim Watch v9.4f: Second Life : 1:45
[1:45] Cory Edo: sure thing abby we'll do that up after I show you the clothing
[1:46] Abby Callisto: ty
[1:46] You: ah. that was my guesss. thanks.
[1:46] aEoLuS Waves: kk great
[1:46] Ivana Boogiewoogie: ok I'm logged into Ivana the normal way
[1:46] Paul Lapointe: yeh im interested in the clothing
[1:46] aEoLuS Waves: looking forward to copy abbys stuff :-P
[1:46] Abby Callisto: :PP
[1:46] aEoLuS Waves: ehhh
[1:46] Ivana Boogiewoogie: notice how my shape, hair, etc all went back to the default
[1:46] You decline LibSecondLife People from A group member named sachi Vixen.
[1:46] Ivana Boogiewoogie: most of the time the skin will revert as well, but its a moot point because it DOES revert when you pass it to another avatar
[1:46] Ivana Boogiewoogie: same with clothing
[1:47] Ivana Boogiewoogie: here let me pass someone the shirt it looks like I'm wearing right now
[1:47] Paul Lapointe: you look pretty much the same on my screen?
[1:47] Abby Callisto: the hair isnt
[1:47] Paul Lapointe: other than pants not being flared
[1:47] Abby Callisto: look at the back
[1:47] Feras Nolan: skin did stay?
[1:47] Ivana Boogiewoogie: Abby, put on that shirt I just gave you
[1:47] Ivana Boogiewoogie: and the skin if you're so inclined
[1:47] Frogger: Hello Azure Park!
[1:47] Ivana Boogiewoogie: abby just put on the shirt I'm wearing now
[1:47] Abby Callisto: whoas it changed on me
[1:47] Ivana Boogiewoogie: and it reverted to what it was before I copied over it
[1:48] Ivana Boogiewoogie: the noobie purple shirt
[1:48] Abby Callisto: and the skin
[1:48] Ivana Boogiewoogie: because clothing and skin are baked onto your avatar, the copybot doesn't get a copy of the actual clothing or skin item
[1:48] Ivana Boogiewoogie: it just mirrors it
[1:48] Ivana Boogiewoogie: it doesn't transfer with the item
[1:48] Maya Luna: so no one can sell non prim clothing, rihgt?
[1:48] Feras Nolan: hm so texture theft isnt a issue really
[1:49] Ivana Boogiewoogie: Maya - correct
[1:49] Maya Luna: not with THIS program at least,,,
[1:49] Feras Nolan: ye
[1:49] Ivana Boogiewoogie: from what I understand of the way SL works, since the textures are baked
[1:49] Abby Callisto: but prim objects are?
[1:49] Ivana Boogiewoogie: all your client will ever get is the baked version on your screen, not the textures needed to make the items themselves
[1:50] Ivana Boogiewoogie: *not gospel, that's just from what I understand*
[1:50] Feras Nolan: prim attachments are full copiable with copybot
[1:50] aEoLuS Waves: But the textures al;ready can be easely ripped
[1:50] aEoLuS Waves uses the new spelling
[1:50] Ivana Boogiewoogie: aeolus - programs like GLintercept and slice can get those out of your cache
[1:50] Feras Nolan: aEoLus that was always so
[1:50] aEoLuS Waves: jep
[1:50] Ivana Boogiewoogie: those existed before SL was around, they're legit debugging tools
[1:50] Ivana Boogiewoogie: but copybot can't do it
[1:50] aEoLuS Waves: so this makes it more complete
[1:51] Ivana Boogiewoogie: now as far as prim attachments go, there's a problem
[1:51] Ivana Boogiewoogie: while it doesn't get the scripts or contents of an attachment
[1:51] Ivana Boogiewoogie: it does make a copy of it, just empty
[1:51] Ivana Boogiewoogie: so things like hair, shoes (it doesn't keep the shape), etc it will copy
[1:51] Ivana Boogiewoogie: it doesn't seem to copy HUDs
[1:51] Frogger: Hello Roslin Petion!
[1:52] Ivana Boogiewoogie: the prim hair I'm wearing now that I copied is now in my inventory as "Object"
[1:52] Feras Nolan: most huds are scriptware anyway
[1:52] Ivana Boogiewoogie: with full perms
[1:52] Roslin Petion: Thanks Miriel
[1:52] Ivana Boogiewoogie: and Ivana as the creator
[1:52] You: np.
[1:52] Paul Lapointe: damn
[1:52] aEoLuS Waves: All prims are called "object" ?
[1:52] Jana Fleming: what if another copybot stands next to Ivana??
[1:52] Ivana Boogiewoogie: haha haven't gotten that far with it Jana
[1:52] Jana Fleming: lol ok
[1:53] Ivana Boogiewoogie: so to recap, clothing skins and shapes are safe
[1:53] Feras Nolan: but, if the place is no rez, the bot cant copy stuff?
[1:53] Ivana Boogiewoogie: if the place is no rez, the bot can't copy standalone items
[1:53] Ivana Boogiewoogie: which is what we'll get to now
[1:53] Feras Nolan: ah still can create attachments
[1:53] Ivana Boogiewoogie: I'll have to close out of Ivana and relog her as the copybot
[1:53] aEoLuS Waves: but if I buy your stuff and then use copybot....
[1:54] aEoLuS Waves: Or stand in de parcel next to it (inside)
[1:54] Abby Callisto: i wanna see it copy that
[1:54] You: for reference, abby, how many prims is that?
[1:54] Abby Callisto: 100 total
[1:54] Cory Edo: now I'm going to have to like
[1:54] You: okay, thanks. :)
[1:54] Cory Edo: push ivana
[1:54] Cory Edo: to get the item in her line of sight
[1:54] Abby Callisto: ahhh
[1:55] Cory Edo: see how tricky this ends up being ;)
[1:55] Abby Callisto: so thats a clue and time consuming for the theif
[1:55] Cory Edo: dammit ivana
[1:55] Cory Edo: yeah
[1:55] Feras Nolan: dumb bot lol
[1:55] aEoLuS Waves: You could drag the item in front of her ;-)
[1:55] Frogger: Hello Ivana Boogiewoogie!
[1:55] Cory Edo: yeah lets do that
[1:55] Maya Luna: maybe move the carriage?? point taken1 lol
[1:55] Abby Callisto: no she has to wurks for its O.o
[1:55] Abby Callisto: im not gonna make it easy :P
[1:55] Cory Edo: god ivana you suck
[1:56] Abby Callisto: rofl
[1:56] Paul Lapointe: lol this is so wierd to watch
[1:56] Abby Callisto: ok i'll move it
[1:56] Cory Edo: haha thank youuuu
[1:56] Abby Callisto: eerybodies gonna have to moves tho
[1:56] Cory Edo: the second thing I'll need in order to make a copy of that is the UUID of the object
[1:56] Maya Luna: so if you see twins acting like idiots... its a copybot!
[1:56] Cory Edo: I have a script you can drop in there if you want
[1:57] Abby Callisto: the whust
[1:57] Cory Edo: the UUID
[1:57] Cory Edo: you usually only run into it when you're scripting
[1:57] Abby Callisto: then how can thye copy it if they need that?
[1:57] Cory Edo: think of it as a unique number assigned to every object in SL
[1:57] Abby Callisto: and whust is its
[1:57] Maya Luna: ahhhhh
[1:57] Abby Callisto: just drop that in the carriage now?
[1:57] Cory Edo: yep, if you would
[1:58] aEoLuS Waves: inyour invent > rightmouse > copy uuid
[1:58] Cory Edo: now click it
[1:58] aEoLuS Waves: or use script
[1:58] Cory Edo: yeah UUID is much easier to get if the object is in your inventory
[1:58] Abby Callisto: im not understanding this
[1:58] Cory Edo: there are scanner scripts that go through a sim and tell a person what each object's uuid is
[1:58] Jana Fleming: get out
[1:58] aEoLuS Waves: ooh darn? Without having mod on it?>
[1:58] Cory Edo: from what i understand, yeah, but I'm not a scripter myself
[1:59] aEoLuS Waves: kk
[1:59] Cory Edo: I just know they're around
[1:59] Cory Edo: that's why I date a scripter, they're handy
[1:59] Jana Fleming: lol
[1:59] Feras Nolan: to get uuids is not a problem with scripts
[1:59] aEoLuS Waves: lol
[1:59] Cory Edo: abby, did you put that script in the main prim of the carraige?
[1:59] Maya Luna: on an aside... I see ppl putting boards up in front of their store... that will work to keep stuff out of copybots line of site right? Proximity is not enough?
[1:59] Feras Nolan: with rezzed objects ofc
[2:00] Cory Edo: Maya - I'd personally say its a iffy protection, but since a copybot can't copy the contents of a prim
[2:00] Cory Edo: if their objects are boxed
[2:00] Cory Edo: then there's no problem
[2:00] Cory Edo: all the copybot will get is the empty shell of the box
[2:00] aEo Prim Watch v9.4f: Netherlands : 11:00
[2:00] aEo Prim Watch v9.4f: Central Time : 5:00
[2:00] aEo Prim Watch v9.4f: Second Life : 2:00
[2:00] Maya Luna: but for, say furniture?
[2:00] aEoLuS Waves: So it can only copy an item " object" if they know the Unique Identification number?
[2:00] Cory Edo: yes, correct aeolus
[2:01] Cory Edo: furniture it can copy, but any animations or scripts for poseballs will not be copied with it
[2:01] aEoLuS Waves: kk And with that script uyou gave to abby , you will get that number the " simple" way for the demonstration?
[2:01] Cory Edo: trying to - abby, can you click your carraige?
[2:01] Cory Edo: it should tell you the UUID
[2:01] Cory Edo: just copy and paste it into chat so I have it
[2:01] Abby Callisto: Cinderella Coach Bed - Roses: [edited out, even though it was the wrong number]
[2:01] Cory Edo: thanks
[2:01] Abby Callisto: welcomes!
[2:01] Cory Edo: ok lets see if this works
[2:01] Abby Callisto: O.o dun u sells my bed nows O.o
[2:02] aEoLuS Waves: YAY!!
[2:02] Feras Nolan: lol ^^
[2:02] aEoLuS Waves: :P
[2:02] Cory Edo: haha you have my word, FW will vouch for me I hope
[2:02] Fallingwater Cellardoor: she's honest and trustworthy:)
[2:02] Abby Callisto: I knos where u lives O.o
[2:02] aEoLuS Waves: you have my word that I wont sell it that cheaper..
[2:02] Abby Callisto: hehe
[2:02] Abby Callisto: aeo
[2:02] Abby Callisto: I KNOS WHERE U LIVES TOO MISTURS O.o
[2:02] Roslin Petion: Yes but we have to believe that Fally is honest and trustworthy first
[2:02] Roslin Petion winks
[2:02] aEoLuS Waves: lol
[2:02] Cory Edo: ok ivana hop to it
[2:02] Fallingwater Cellardoor: haha
[2:03] Fallingwater Cellardoor: cory will vouch for me!
[2:03] Cory Edo: I had a LOT of problems getting copy by UUID to work last night
[2:03] Abby Callisto: im tkain down names :P
[2:03] Cory Edo: it wasn't until really late at an empty sim that it finally kicked in
[2:03] Cory Edo: essentially what you would be seeing is the carraige being recreated directly above ivana's head
[2:03] Abby Callisto: so copying something isnt as quick and easy as everyong thinks?
[2:03] Cory Edo: ...if she didn't have stage fright
[2:03] Feras Nolan: Abby anybody can get uuids of rezzed objects
[2:03] Abby Callisto: o
[2:03] Cory Edo: it does take a few minutes
[2:03] Abby Callisto: my
[2:03] Abby Callisto: god
[2:03] Cory Edo: and obviously its not foolproof
[2:04] Jana Fleming: do the bot defeaters work at all?
[2:04] Cory Edo: that depends on what version its using and if the version responds to a message from an object as opposed to an avatar
[2:04] Cory Edo: the version I have, which seems to be the most widespread,
[2:05] Maya Luna: and does it have to be in IM form?
[2:05] Cory Edo: will log out when someone IMs it with !quit
[2:05] Cory Edo: yes, it does have to be in IM form
[2:05] Cory Edo: can't just say it in chat
[2:05] Maya Luna: so the defeators wont work because they are not IMs?
[2:05] Cory Edo: correct
[2:05] Cory Edo: going to try jana's defeator
[2:05] Jana Fleming: thats' the latest one i got
[2:06] Cory Edo: and boop she's gone
[2:06] Jana Fleming: woooot
[2:06] Cory Edo: now keep in mind
[2:06] Cory Edo: that worked for this version
[2:06] Jana Fleming: true
[2:06] Cory Edo: if someone grabbed the source code for copybot
[2:06] Maya Luna: that sent her an IM?
[2:06] Cory Edo: and changed the kill message
[2:06] Cory Edo: then it wouldn't respond
[2:06] Jana Fleming: ok
[2:06] Jana Fleming: if anyone wants a copy let me nkow
[2:06] Cory Edo: I'm going to try one more object with Ivana here
[2:07] Abby Callisto: tits called defeater?
[2:07] Cory Edo: see if I can't get her to copy an object
[2:07] Jana Fleming: that's a diff one
[2:07] You: the carriage isn't working?
[2:07] Jana Fleming: Copybot Security system
[2:07] Feras Nolan: actually, if LL would scan for 2+ clients with the same IP that may find bot users?
[2:07] Abby Callisto: yays! im safe im safe :o
[2:07] aEoLuS Waves: yes but they dont
[2:07] Cory Edo: carraige isn't working and I'm thinking it might be because I don't have the right uuid
[2:07] Paul Lapointe: lol abby
[2:07] Cory Edo: I saw it work last night, going to try something else
[2:07] Abby Callisto: hehe
[2:08] aEoLuS Waves: Anyway.. they buy our stuff, find out the ID in the inventory, rezz it and then take their time to " duplicate " it
[2:08] Feras Nolan: maybe, it was a child prim uuid?
[2:08] Abby Callisto: O/
[2:08] Abby Callisto: u jus blew my bubble aeo
[2:08] Abby Callisto: yur so grwoundeds
[2:09] Cory Edo: I'm having an odd problem of not being able to right click on an inventory object to get the uuid
[2:10] Paul Lapointe: is it due to being a hundred prims that it takes longer?
[2:10] Cory Edo: sorry taking so long one more second
[2:10] aEoLuS Waves: You know actualy its great that they got this to work.. The sad thing is some people will misuse it..
[2:10] Cory Edo: prim count does factor in but not a great deal
[2:10] Cory Edo: she should have started by now
[2:10] Paul Lapointe: ok
[2:10] Abby Callisto: cory
[2:10] Cory Edo: which is why I'm thinking the uuid was incorrect
[2:10] You: How well does it copy tortured prims?
[2:10] Cory Edo: yes'm
[2:10] Feras Nolan: maybe Ivana is shy
[2:10] Abby Callisto: do all the parts have to be linked to copy what it sees?
[2:10] Cory Edo: tortured prims is a good question
[2:10] Cory Edo: and abby - yes
[2:10] Cory Edo: it has to be in a link set
[2:10] Abby Callisto: the bows were added in as the count but are not linked
[2:10] Abby Callisto: well waits
[2:11] Maya Luna: what are tortured prims?
[2:11] Abby Callisto: wifout bows its 82 prims
[2:11] aEoLuS Waves: yes every " link set" has a different UIDD
[2:11] You: so a necklace with tortured cylinders would copy perfectly, but a tortured cylinder on its own wouldn't?
[2:12] Roslin Petion gave you TaP Rose Medium Gamine Freckles.
[2:12] Cory Edo: grr ivana has stage fright
[2:12] aEoLuS Waves: lol
[2:12] Paul Lapointe: lol
[2:12] Cory Edo: essentially what you'd see is those headphones being created above her head
[2:12] Abby Callisto: im gunna take anap..shhh
[2:12] Roslin Petion gave you TaP Gamine Mauve.
[2:12] Roslin Petion gave you TaP Gamine Cherry.
[2:12] Roslin Petion gave you TaP Gamine Pink.
[2:13] aEoLuS Waves: well those headphones look good
[2:13] Cory Edo: yeah, too bad I can't seem to copy em
[2:13] Abby Callisto: the poseballs in will copy the round prim but not the scripts inside right?
[2:13] Abby Callisto: so if this is no mod
[2:13] Cory Edo: correct abby
[2:13] Abby Callisto: they canot add the right poses to it
[2:13] Abby Callisto: ahh
[2:13] Maya Luna: i find it reassuring that it is so hard to make it work!
[2:13] aEoLuS Waves: So type in the wrong UIDD and you could end up with phillips willy?
[2:13] Abby Callisto: me too maya
[2:13] Paul Lapointe: lmao
[2:13] Jana Fleming: lmao
[2:13] Abby Callisto: :OOO
[2:13] Abby Callisto: loll
[2:13] Cory Edo: haha I wish, you'd still have to see philip's willy in order to copy it
[2:14] Paul Lapointe: lol
[2:14] aEoLuS Waves: Well I wouldnt get you trough that
[2:14] Cory Edo: the other thing to remember is when copybot makes a copy from UUID, she has to be able to rez prims
[2:14] Cory Edo: so if your land is set to no build or its restricted to group
[2:14] aEoLuS Waves: kk so its still a visual thing (or else the client would not grab it)
[2:14] Cory Edo: yes exactly
[2:14] Cory Edo: what copybot does is grab the packets of information as they come from SL's servers to your computer
[2:15] Feras Nolan pokes Ivana
[2:15] Cory Edo: if they don't come from the server - aka you don't see the object - it can't copy it
[2:15] Abby Callisto: fire ivana! she's so slackins O.o
[2:15] aEo Prim Watch v9.4f: Netherlands : 11:15
[2:15] aEo Prim Watch v9.4f: Central Time : 5:15
[2:15] aEo Prim Watch v9.4f: Second Life : 2:15
[2:15] Cory Edo: IVANA YOU'RE GONE
[2:15] Jana Fleming: i think the security thing scared her
[2:15] Paul Lapointe: bet you never thought you would be beating up your own av cory
[2:15] Cory Edo: well I'm a little schitzo that way
[2:15] Paul Lapointe: lol
[2:15] Cory Edo: copybots will respond to any teleport offer
[2:16] Cory Edo: that's how I got her here from teh sim I logged her out at last
[2:16] Feras Nolan: any?
[2:16] Maya Luna: but doesnt my computer read what is behind a wall even if I dont see it?
[2:16] Cory Edo: yes, there's no way for the client to know who it should be listening to
[2:16] Cory Edo: (at least in this version)
[2:16] Feras Nolan: hi ^^
[2:16] Cory Edo: haha someone tped her
[2:17] Feras Nolan hides
[2:17] Abby Callisto: ooo that was means
[2:17] Jana Fleming: can anyone make her copy?
[2:17] Paul Lapointe: feres you devil
[2:17] Abby Callisto: Fera yur sooo grwoundedssssssssss
[2:17] Cory Edo: yes, if they send her the right commands
[2:17] Feras Nolan: lol just tested
[2:17] Frog Sucker big one: GRRRRrrrrrr!
[2:17] Cory Edo: the only other things copybot can do is copy by local ID which is a really arcane scripting call which like no one knows about really unless they're hard core
[2:18] Paul Lapointe: wow
[2:18] Cory Edo: and it can make trees for some reason
[2:18] aEoLuS Waves: sorry
[2:18] aEoLuS Waves: Scary stuff huh?
[2:19] Maya Luna: This is really cool... but i GOTTA get to bed... I have kids that will wake me early. Thank you SO MUCH Cory!!
[2:19] Abby Callisto: i think the copybot is more trouble then its worth
[2:19] Cory Edo: anytime Maya :)
[2:19] Abby Callisto: ni ni maya!!
[2:19] Cory Edo: yeah abby I think generally it is too
[2:19] Maya Luna: nite nite
[2:19] aEoLuS Waves: nah its easy Abby
[2:19] Paul Lapointe: by maya
[2:19] Abby Callisto: aeo.shhhh im tireds ofsu busting my bubbles
[2:19] You: yea, thanks Cory. :)
[2:19] Feras Nolan: lol
[2:20] Feras Nolan: woot
[2:20] aEoLuS Waves: dont underestimate this
[2:20] Jana Fleming: lol
[2:20] Abby Callisto: im nots
[2:20] Cory Edo: its a trippy toy and unscripted attachments are the big hole
[2:20] Jana Fleming: lmao
[2:20] Abby Callisto: but gollywillywonkurburgers
[2:20] Feras Nolan: All Hail The Great Shamalama!!!
[2:20] aEoLuS Waves: I see this just as version 1
[2:20] Abby Callisto: she cant even copy thats
[2:20] Feras Nolan: All hail the great Shamalamadingdong!
[2:20] aEoLuS Waves: next come the improvements just as with real software
[2:20] Cory Edo: now keep in mind that - yeah exactly aeolus
[2:21] Feras Nolan: do they copy animations or just mirror it
[2:21] Abby Callisto: ughs
[2:21] Cory Edo: all its doing is getting the information that SL *has* to send to your computer in order for you to use SL in the first place
[2:21] Cory Edo: just mirror them
[2:21] Cory Edo: if you left the area Ivana would stop mirroring you
[2:21] Abby Callisto: should i delete this carriage now
[2:21] Feras Nolan: abkkduhdfdkljgazk'fjkdicxvkmhdkfkjm,ckjsdhv'pishkudikel'bikldig`bubblegum'bible;fightanekid'bagel
[2:21] Abby Callisto: Ivana is uselss
[2:21] Cory Edo: sure abby thanks
[2:21] Cory Edo: sorry I couldn't get the uuid thing to work because it is trippy to see
[2:21] Abby Callisto: its kks
[2:22] Abby Callisto: im kinda relieved
[2:22] Abby Callisto: o.o
[2:22] aEoLuS Waves: lol
[2:22] Abby Callisto: *kicks aeo*
[2:22] Abby Callisto: shoooshes
[2:22] Jana Fleming: lol
[2:22] Cory Edo: basically the way I'm looking at this is, copybot 1.0 isn't too terribly scary and its pretty clunky
[2:22] Cory Edo: but the potential is there for more advanced setups
[2:23] aEoLuS Waves: yeh
[2:23] Cory Edo: I think that's why LL is pushing the DMCA so hard
[2:23] aEoLuS Waves: its a start
[2:23] Abby Callisto: dmca?
[2:23] Cory Edo: because in the end that is really going to be our best recourse
[2:23] Abby Callisto: whust thats
[2:23] Cory Edo: the law that protects digital content and intellectual property
[2:23] Abby Callisto: ooooooo
[2:23] Cory Edo: let me get the link fo ryou
[2:23] Abby Callisto: sounds frweakies
[2:24] Abby Callisto: aeo i lost my frwoggur
[2:24] Cory Edo:
[2:24] Paul Lapointe: freaky feras
[2:24] Cory Edo: that gives you a good overview
[2:24] Azure Park: Cory, when an item is copied does it retain the same UUID?
[2:24] Frog poofer: GRRRRrrrrrr!
[2:24] Abby Callisto: :o
[2:24] Cory Edo: no, because the copybot is making its own from scratch
[2:24] Cory Edo: new copy, new creator
[2:25] Feras Nolan: guess the way it does spam the server to create a new object can be detected
[2:25] Paul Lapointe: but when you passed the copy clothing to abby it reverted?
[2:25] Cory Edo: paul - correct
[2:25] Cory Edo: because the information the server sends to your SL client is baked onto the avatar
[2:26] Feras Nolan: shape of clothes stays?
[2:26] Cory Edo: not the seperate files for the clothing, but rather the entire appearance
[2:26] Paul Lapointe: i see
[2:26] Cory Edo: nope it'll revert the second its passed to someone else to what it was before it started mirroring another avatar's appearance
[2:26] Abby Callisto: ok but if its not passed
[2:26] Abby Callisto: what then
[2:27] Abby Callisto: will the thief have th ecopy or will it revert when detatched?
[2:27] Azure Park: It reverts when you take it off correct?
[2:27] Cory Edo: then it would stay on the copybot until its removed or it copies another avatar, I would think...
[2:27] Feras Nolan: main problem looks to me for prim attachments
[2:27] Cory Edo: although if you remember when I first logged her in
[2:27] Cory Edo: she was all missing image
[2:27] Cory Edo: the last person I copied for the demo isn't logged in right now
[2:27] Jana Fleming: yeah
[2:27] You: oh, i'd thought that was just me.
[2:27] Cory Edo: so I *think* that's why it didn't stay
[2:27] Abby Callisto: *ouch*
[2:27] Paul Lapointe: So realistically how easy is it for someone to copy clothing & skins and resell them ?
[2:27] Abby Callisto: meanies
[2:27] Frogger: Hello Jana Fleming!
[2:28] Azure Park: In theory would seem they cant Paul
[2:28] Cory Edo: if anyone wants to have ivana mirror you, IM her with the command !avatar (your name)
[2:28] Cory Edo: no parentheses
[2:28] aEoLuS Waves: lol it jkeeps folowing Feras?
[2:28] Feras Nolan: send a tp offer
[2:28] Feras Nolan: to get it in front of you
[2:28] Abby Callisto: its in front of me
[2:29] Cory Edo: ok IM it with the message !avatar Abby Callisto
[2:29] aEoLuS Waves: lol
[2:29] Abby Callisto: do it aeo
[2:29] Abby Callisto: we dun needs anuthur absturs
[2:29] Abby Callisto: whoas
[2:29] Abby Callisto: mini me
[2:29] Cory Edo: ok see the hair above her head?
[2:29] aEoLuS Waves: I knew she was bold!
[2:29] Cory Edo: that's what it looks like when its copying by UUID
[2:30] Abby Callisto: whoasssss
[2:30] Abby Callisto: man
[2:30] aEo Prim Watch v9.4f: Netherlands : 11:30
[2:30] aEo Prim Watch v9.4f: Central Time : 5:30
[2:30] aEo Prim Watch v9.4f: Second Life : 2:30
[2:30] Abby Callisto: i can use hur as my slave
[2:30] Abby Callisto: O.o
[2:30] Cory Edo: haha
[2:30] Jana Fleming: lol
[2:30] Cory Edo: someone asked last night if you could make your copy build for you
[2:30] Feras Nolan: you can build twice as fast now lol
[2:30] Cory Edo: unfortunately, no
[2:30] Fallingwater Cellardoor: haha
[2:30] aEoLuS Waves: kk where is the frog?
[2:30] Cory Edo: I wish
[2:30] Abby Callisto: WOOHOOOS
[2:30] aEoLuS Waves: oh darn
[2:30] Abby Callisto: there
[2:30] aEoLuS Waves: shit
[2:30] Abby Callisto: whoas
[2:30] Paul Lapointe: she could run your store for you abby
[2:30] Abby Callisto: weirds
[2:31] Abby Callisto: my shape is messed upsssssssssssssss
[2:31] Abby Callisto: i look like a wacked out midget
[2:31] Paul Lapointe: so why is the copy taller?
[2:31] Cory Edo: that I have no idea on
[2:31] aEoLuS Waves: ahum.. thats how we see you...
[2:31] Cory Edo: or why she's floating in midair
[2:31] Abby Callisto: ughs
[2:31] aEoLuS Waves: ;-P
[2:31] Abby Callisto: aeo
[2:31] Paul Lapointe: it didnt completely copy the body shape settings
[2:31] Abby Callisto: im gonna makes an army of me jjus for U
[2:31] Abby Callisto: it wont copy shapes
[2:32] Paul Lapointe: really i was told it diid
[2:32] Cory Edo: yeah shapes it seems to have a hard time with
[2:32] Cory Edo: I've seen it mostly get it right
[2:32] Cory Edo: but since they revert as soon as you log into the avatar normally
[2:32] Abby Callisto: hols up
[2:32] Abby Callisto: this is a kodiak moments
[2:32] Paul Lapointe: lmao abby
[2:32] Abby Callisto: frweak my mom OUTS
[2:32] aEoLuS Waves: Think I need to sell all my scripts in little packages so ppl can buy them for there copybot item...
[2:32] Feras Nolan: lol
[2:32] Cory Edo: I had three copies of me last night all line dancing, it was insane
[2:33] aEoLuS Waves: lol
[2:33] You: haha.
[2:33] Abby Callisto: rofl
[2:33] Frog poofer: Grrrrrrrr!
[2:33] Abby Callisto: omg
[2:33] Abby Callisto: moms gonna luffs this
[2:33] Abby Callisto: man
[2:33] aEoLuS Waves: Think she wil freak out
[2:33] Abby Callisto: hehehe
[2:33] Feras Nolan: one mouth more to feed lol
[2:33] Abby Callisto: i dun eat mush
[2:33] Abby Callisto: popcorn
[2:34] Cory Edo: did I miss anything? anyone have any questions?
[2:34] Paul Lapointe: so in theory you could walk into a club with a dozen corys
[2:34] Cory Edo: well it would be a lot easier to TP them all there, but yeah
[2:34] aEoLuS Waves: Yes, I wondered of all the prims are having the same name " object"
[2:34] Cory Edo: if I had a dozen alts
[2:34] Cory Edo: yes they are
[2:34] You: you said it can copy tortured prims if they're part of a link set. does that mean they're copied perfectly?
[2:34] Cory Edo: they'll be attached still when I relog into Ivana, but they're all named Ivana with full perms
[2:34] Feras Nolan: guess there will be walking versions sometime
[2:34] Abby Callisto: /dayo
[2:34] Abby Callisto: Eehhh, hu ,heeeh, Eeeeeh heh heeeeeeh! <:(
[2:35] Cory Edo: the best way to test that would be to probably attach a tortured prim to an av and copy it
[2:35] Cory Edo: let me see if I have one
[2:35] Abby Callisto: WHO'S GOT A BEARD THAT'S LONG AND WHITE!?!
[2:35] You: I know the prim mirror can mirror tortured prims, for instance, but they have to be retortured.
[2:35] Abby Callisto: Santa's got a beard that's long and white!!!
[2:35] Abby Callisto: Santa comes around on a special night!!!
[2:35] Abby Callisto: SPECIAL NIGHT!!!
[2:35] Abby Callisto: BEARD THAT'S WHITE!!!
[2:35] Abby Callisto: rofl
[2:35] Cory Edo: hmmm I don't have a tortured prim in my inventory
[2:35] Cory Edo: if anyone has one they want to donate for science lay it on me
[2:35] Abby Callisto: a whust
[2:35] You: one second.
[2:35] Abby Callisto: IM SOOO LONLEYYYYYYYY
[2:36] Abby Callisto: aeo
[2:36] Abby Callisto: i can go on tour O.o
[2:36] Roslin Petion: I'm sure you have some Miriel
[2:36] Cory Edo accepted your inventory offer.
[2:36] Cory Edo: got it, thanks
[2:36] Cory Edo: I'll copy my av now while wearing it
[2:36] You: the little gems on that are tortured cylinders.
[2:36] Cory Edo: say goodbye to your sister abby
[2:36] Abby Callisto: ughs
[2:36] Abby Callisto: KILL HURS
[2:37] Abby Callisto: she took my cookies O.o
[2:37] Feras Nolan: how does the prim look like?
[2:37] Cory Edo: go ivana go
[2:37] Feras Nolan: ah the necklace?
[2:37] Cory Edo: yep that's what we're going for on this run
[2:37] You: yeah. the red bits are the tortured parts.
[2:38] Feras Nolan: got piercing attachment point right this time
[2:38] Cory Edo: ok there it is
[2:38] Fallingwater Cellardoor: perfect copy
[2:38] aEoLuS Waves: ouch
[2:38] Jana Fleming: wow
[2:38] You: yea, it copied it perfectly.
[2:38] aEoLuS Waves: yep
[2:38] Feras Nolan: looks quite perfect
[2:38] Abby Callisto: whoas
[2:39] aEoLuS Waves: kk but its " no copy " now?
[2:39] Cory Edo: if you'd like I can relog onto ivana and pass you the necklace so you can examine it
[2:39] Cory Edo: it should be full perms
[2:39] aEoLuS Waves: ooh darn
[2:39] Abby Callisto: ok its cpoying whust on an avie but ive not seen it copy anything off an avie
[2:39] Paul Lapointe: if you pass them on do they revert?
[2:39] You: sure, though it seems okay.
[2:39] Cory Edo: shouldn't, paul, lets check
[2:39] Cory Edo: one second logging ivana out
[2:40] aEoLuS Waves: can you give me a copy of my frogger?
[2:40] Jana Fleming: brb
[2:40] Ivana Boogiewoogie: ok let's see what I got in the inventory
[2:41] Abby Callisto: Ivana
[2:41] Abby Callisto: u neds a new do
[2:41] Roslin Petion:
[2:41] Ivana Boogiewoogie gave you Object.
[2:41] Roslin Petion: I think some of you guys may want to check that link out
[2:42] Ivana Boogiewoogie: Miriel I just passed you a copy of the necklace that was made
[2:42] Roslin Petion: it's supposed to be a conversation among some libsl people
[2:42] You: it's full perms (including share with grouop, and allow anyone to copy), and lists ivana as the creator. yipes.
[2:43] aEoLuS Waves: yeah thats scary huh?
[2:43] Ivana Boogiewoogie: now note (for what its worth) that I don't have seperate copies of any textures you used
[2:43] Ivana Boogiewoogie: its a full copy object, but no additional copies of the textures themselves are in my inventory
[2:43] Ivana Boogiewoogie: cold comfort but just wanted to mention it
[2:43] You: i knew it would be copy/mod/transfer, and have her as the creator, but I wasn't expecting it to be share with group and copyable by anyone.
[2:44] Ivana Boogiewoogie: yeah, I thought that was interesting too
[2:44] Ivana Boogiewoogie: no idea why that is
[2:44] aEoLuS Waves: kk but you are able to give away those neclases to anyone .. just because you like to then expose the AVatar. Make a new avatar and do it again
[2:44] aEoLuS Waves: its scary
[2:44] Ivana Boogiewoogie: yeah, theoretically it would take two new accounts each time someone gets banned for using this
[2:44] aEoLuS Waves: I am glad that most of my items need scripts...
[2:45] Ivana Boogiewoogie: I don't want to say everyone is safe forever, but that's what this version can do
[2:45] aEoLuS Waves: yep
[2:45] Feras Nolan: hm guess if free account would be removed, the copying issue would be mitigated
[2:45] aEoLuS Waves: no
[2:45] Jana Fleming: not really
[2:45] aEo Prim Watch v9.4f: Netherlands : 11:45
[2:45] aEo Prim Watch v9.4f: Central Time : 5:45
[2:45] aEo Prim Watch v9.4f: Second Life : 2:45
[2:45] Feras Nolan: if you have to pay 10U$ any time you get banned?
[2:46] Ivana Boogiewoogie: I would think that would cut down a lot of people
[2:46] Ivana Boogiewoogie: really it would be $20
[2:46] Ivana Boogiewoogie: because its insanely easy for LL to tell who's running the copybot av
[2:46] Ivana Boogiewoogie: all they have to do is check the IM logs
[2:46] Ivana Boogiewoogie: and see who's telling it to do what
[2:46] aEoLuS Waves: true true
[2:47] Ivana Boogiewoogie: same if they're using a third account to store items in case the two get banned
[2:47] Ivana Boogiewoogie: just check the account logs
[2:47] aEoLuS Waves: but I still dont think that LL will do that..
[2:47] Jana Fleming: me either
[2:47] aEoLuS Waves: And in the meanwhile the bots are out there..
[2:47] Abby Callisto: but your talking over a million people to check chat log on
[2:47] Ivana Boogiewoogie: well if someone's reported for selling stolen merchandise
[2:48] aEoLuS Waves: but still I am glad this is in the open now...
[2:48] Ivana Boogiewoogie: its going to have some connection to the copybot av or the control av
[2:48] lyndell Aleixandre: thats a crapload of prims
[2:48] Ivana Boogiewoogie: absolutely - the lesson here is to read up on DMCA, know your rights, and be prepared to defend them
[2:48] Jana Fleming: they need some measure for false claims too though
[2:49] aEoLuS Waves: yeah well its the defending part that will not work for everyone...
[2:49] Ivana Boogiewoogie: true, I think that's why LL requires you fill out the DMCA form when you're filling a complaint
[2:49] Fallingwater Cellardoor: we've already seen top skin creators have their skins stolen, but they're still top skin creators
[2:49] Fallingwater Cellardoor: if that's any consolation
[2:49] aEoLuS Waves: yes
[2:49] Frogger: Hello lyndell Aleixandre!
[2:49] Jana Fleming: true
[2:50] Ivana Boogiewoogie: personally I think there's always going to be a natural cap on how much business a theif can realistically take away from you
[2:50] Ivana Boogiewoogie: a theif can't advertise
[2:50] Ivana Boogiewoogie: can't create, only steal
[2:50] aEoLuS Waves: lol true
[2:50] aEoLuS Waves: but you know how it goes..
[2:50] Paul Lapointe: i agree
[2:50] You: good point.
[2:50] lyndell Aleixandre: hi guys id like to say that im a member of libsl, i do not endorse the copybot nor its uses
[2:50] aEoLuS Waves: They give it away for free
[2:50] Ivana Boogiewoogie: will always have to keep a low profile so they don't get busted
[2:50] aEoLuS Waves: it will end up on a yard sale
[2:50] Abby Callisto: then why r u a mamber?
[2:50] aEoLuS Waves: and then ppl will buy it one day form Jamie Bergman
[2:50] Jana Fleming: yeah yardsales galore
[2:50] Ivana Boogiewoogie: places like yard sales etc will probably be where a theif would be forced to sell stolen items
[2:51] lyndell Aleixandre: because i contribute development of libsl .. not the copybot
[2:51] aEoLuS Waves: well I dont think they will do it to sell
[2:51] You: thanks, lyndell.
[2:51] aEoLuS Waves: but more to show of to their friends
[2:51] aEoLuS Waves: only give a friend an item
[2:51] Jana Fleming: i think they'll sell
[2:51] aEoLuS Waves: ettc etc
[2:51] aEoLuS Waves: anyway.. lets hope the lindens ,ean it this time
[2:51] aEoLuS Waves: mean ^
[2:51] lyndell Aleixandre: libsl is not the culprit here .. the developer that made the copybot is .. so ill see what i can do about modifying the code of copybot
[2:52] aEoLuS Waves: well if LibSl is away, another will step in..
[2:52] Paul Lapointe: cant linden labs creat a code on the grid that will block copybot, im not a programer so i have no idea
[2:52] aEoLuS Waves: Its like all games
[2:53] aEoLuS Waves: yes it can but that means time
[2:53] Abby Callisto: so what..they need to do it
[2:53] lyndell Aleixandre: ill see what i can do about locking the sourcecode and access to the copybot .. but there isnt much that i can do since the source is protected by opensource lic,ence
[2:53] You: my understanding, paul, is that they'd have to encrypt things. which would take time to be decrypted, and they'd have to keep changing the encryption.
[2:53] Ivana Boogiewoogie: lyndell, from what I've looked into libsl took the source code off the repository yesterday
[2:54] aEoLuS Waves: exact Mirliel
[2:54] Ivana Boogiewoogie: I found the zip file from a third party website
[2:54] lyndell Aleixandre: heres what will happen .. the next update will kchange the message template for copybot . the developer will be forced to update code .. if you can find the specific developer of copybot somthing can be done
[2:54] Feras Nolan: the point imo is detection, not diefence
[2:54] Feras Nolan: -i
[2:54] aEoLuS Waves: oh well
[2:55] Paul Lapointe: brb
[2:55] You: okay, I should run. thanks for the demo, Cory. very helpful.
[2:55] lyndell Aleixandre: as far as detaction goes .. im sure someone in libsl would be happy to linject some code that causes the copybot to shout on some channel .. a script can listen on this channel and issue the apropriate !quit command instaid of spamming everyone
[2:55] Azure Park: Thank you Cory/Ivanna for taking the time for the demonstration
[2:56] Fallingwater Cellardoor: yep, thanks, i should go too
[2:56] Ivana Boogiewoogie: you're welcome Azure
[2:56] Jana Fleming: yeah much appreciated
[2:56] Abby Callisto: yesh thanksu!!
[2:56] Ivana Boogiewoogie: I hope this cleared up some questions
[2:56] Feras Nolan: ye thanks Cory
[2:56] Azure Park: Very much so, thank you
[2:56] aEoLuS Waves: yes ty, you where really helpfull :-)
[2:56] Fallingwater Cellardoor: bye
[2:56] Ivana Boogiewoogie: just so everyone knows I just deleted all the copies in my inventory
[2:56] aEoLuS Waves: lol
[2:56] Azure Park: hehe
[2:56] You: it did. at one point, I'd eard that copybot could copy anything with just a click. o.O
[2:56] You: anyway, i go now. bye, all.
[2:57] aEoLuS Waves: Just to let you know I am just selling it for 50% off


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