Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I need models!

Like Jackal Ennui, I'm looking for models for an event on Sunday, December 17th from 12:30-3:00 PM SL time (with the actual event running from 1-3 PM). All you have to do is show up and sit on a pose ball.

What You'll Have to Do

You'll be asked to wear specific things, including eyes (which may require you to make slight adjustments to your shape in order to look good). You will be asked to remove glasses, and may have to remove jewelry and tattoos. I'm going to try to work up an outfit for you to wear; if I don't manage to, I'll give you the money to buy your own or provide you with one.

You should be willing to work with me on hairstyles. I will be asking for a certain look; if you don't think you have anything that works, I'll either give you the money for an appropriate style or provide it myself. That said, if you have a decent selection of hair in your inventory, you probably have something that will work.

You may have to be naked or topless, and the clothes you will be wearing will basically be silks. It will be tasteful, though.

What I'm Looking For

I want models with natural looking figures, hair, and eyes. This means no hair that looks dyed or bleached: if you want dark skin, you should have appropriately dark hair.

You should be willing to wear Tete a Pied skins and have a shape that looks good with them.

What You Get

You'll get L$500, plus you'll get to keep everything you wear. (This will probably include jewelry, a skin, an outfit, and possibly shoes. It will definitely include eyes.)

Want in?

I'm just going to steal Jackal's scheme here, more or less: send me a notecard with "Nouveau Event: Your Name" in the title (with your actual name in place of "your name," of course!). Tell me what color(s) of Tete a Pied skins you wear and what color eyes you prefer (if you wear multiple skin tones and change your eye color with your skin, tell me which color goes with which skin). Also send me a frontal facial snapshop and a 3/4 full body snapshot (naked, bikini, or bra and panties).

Oh, yes, I have something out today, too, since it's (technically) Tuesday. Read about it here.


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