Sunday, December 24, 2006

I've been trying once again to make a skin, and failing. (Not that I don't adore my Tete skins, but it would be nice to have something that's 100% customizable for some things.) I'm not sure if it's incompetence or just a mental block, but I can't seem to make something even vaguely passable. Ah, well. For now, I've settled on making an ad and doing a series of very elaborate dresses. I can practically already feel the tears and hair pulling the latter will engender in me.

I'm going to release some casual dresses next Tuesday. After that, I think, it'll be the silks I made for the party. And then, assuming the recent texture bug is fixed or I'm able to find a workaround, I'll start on the backlog of jewelry I've got, and intersperse those releases with eyes.


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