Sunday, February 18, 2007

I'm pretty blah creatively right now. I can't think of stuff to make, and when I can, I either run up against my lack of technical skill (I can't make a dress with lacy trim because I can't draw lace, for instance) or I can't nail down specifics. "I want to make a Medieval dress with a big skirt!" does nothing to help me when I'm trying to figure out what decoration, if any, I should put around the waist.

So I've been using my time to work on my interminable rebuild (so boring!) and put together demo copies of my jewelry. I'm trying to have one good demo of each item and each texture, so any given piece will usually have a few demos, so that I can cover all the textures. I'm not sure if the demos are a good idea (copybot!), but I hope they'd give people a better idea of what the primwork and textures actually look like.


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