Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This week's release is Princess, a prim tiara that I've been sitting on for months and months. It comes in my usual three metal colors (gold, silver, and black), and seven different gemstones. The gemstone textures are all hand drawn, which is the reason it took me months to release it in the first place.

(I had to get the square textures to match the existing round ones. It was easy enough to get two things that looked similar close up or (to a lesser extent) from far away, but getting textures that looked similar under both circumstances was a pain. They'd look fine close up, but I'd zoom out and one would look darker, or lighter, or sharper. Or they'd look okay from a distance, but if I zoomed in, one was obviously more blurry than the other.)

It's sold singly or in collections of all gold, silver, or black items, and is available in copy/mod/no transfer and no copy/mod/transfer versions.

(Skin: Tete a Pied; hair: ETD; gown: Simone; eyes: me!)


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