Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm feeling the urge to make sunglasses. Will it be a disaster on par with my hair and shoe making attempts? Only time will tell!

I'm also working on a vendor system to sell, based on my own. (People keep wanting to buy mine...) The urge to add more bells and whistles is fighting with the desire to keep the lag down (I've already had to chop the main script into three pieces, it's so long) and sheer laziness. More features means more testing, in an attempt to idiot proof things as much as possible.

I've also discovered a small flaw with my current vendors, which I'm in the process of fixing in the vendors in my new build. For the next week, you probably shouldn't hack the SL client so that you can pay more than the asking price for my items. (I know you were all rushing to do that.)


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