Wednesday, April 25, 2007

You like big earrings, right? No? What about cheap big earrings?

This weeks release from Miriel is Bubble, a pair of earrings with color change glass beads. It comes in three metals (gold, black, and silver) and the hand drawn beads can be changed between thirteen colors.

Priced at a newbie-friendly L$20 for a single pair, L$50 for a collection of all three metals. Available in both copy/modify/no transfer and no copy/modify/transfer versions. Demos are available for all colors.

(Skin: Lovey Darling; hair: ETD; top: Pixel Dolls)

(My pricing experiment from last week continues. I'm considering dramatically slashing the prices on my Miriel Everyday line, to something really friendly for newbies. You know, get them hooked early. ;) )


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