Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I may have actually sort of figured things out for sculpted prims! Getting good at them is going to be a whole different thing, though. So far I've only made a terrible, terrible leaf.

The expo website will be live tomorrow. Yes, really! I just need to make up some header graphics for each page, which is taking longer than it should because PSP likes to crash when working with vectors.

I hope to have the fantasy dress I've been working on ready for release next week. Fingers crossed! It can still all fall apart so easily.

I'm continuing to bang on my vendor for sale. I'm trying to rewrite the guts of it so that it can handle more than one order at once. I'm going to have to call for beta testers for this, once it's in working order. Even with my testing alt, Indis, seeing how it handles multiple concurrent orders is not something I can test. Current features slated to be included:

* Fully configurable profit splitting between multiple people.
* Record keeping: vendor can keep up to 50 records of who bought what, when.
* Email and/or IM upon sales.
* Optional notecard upon touch.
* Multiple restriction settings: restrict access by whitelist, blacklist, or to the vendor's group.

I already cut an option to restrict the vendor by avatar age -- the newbie items I've seen just don't tend to warrant a vendor like this. If I chop anything else out entirely, it'll be some of the restriction settings. The number of people who'd find the whitelist and blacklist useful is fairly small.


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