Sunday, May 06, 2007

To do this weekend:

1. Put together latest release. (Something in the regular Miriel line again, finally!)

2. Put together the Jewelry Expo website. Oh, boy.

3. If there's time, try to find and go through a Blender for total beginners tutorial that works well for me. I've been looking for them and I haven't found any that I didn't detest. (Well, I did find one, but it's for a slightly different version of Blender and things don't quite work the same. Mostly, I could figure things out, but I reached a point where I wasn't able to reproduce what the tutorial was doing.) And I won't use video tutorials, so that's right out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

might i suggest using wordpress for the website? blogging AND static pages, as many as you like

+ there are boatloads of themes for it, quite a few of which are actually Not Ugly(!)
personally, i don't really need the exercise, so -- rather than writing the entire thing from scratch, generally i just look for a theme similar to whatever idea i've got in my head & customize it to suit

simple, & the end results aren't half bad ;)

just thought i'd offer the idea .. either way, good luck!

-- boots helvetic

May 06, 2007 1:18 PM  

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