Monday, June 11, 2007

Still considering gift card security. I think the system I've got is pretty good. It's crackable, but that involves hopping to just the right channel at just the right time and breaking multiple algorithms (not particularly sophisticated algorithms, but still), so I just don't think that someone is going to put in the effort.

A question to those of you that are content creators: if you've got a vendor that keeps records of who bought what and when, how many records do you think it should be able to keep, max? I'm running into some potential memory problems with the record keeping, and I want to know how hard I should try to get around them.

Oh, and I have a Romenna shop! It's an RP-only sim, which makes me a teensy bit wary (I think I'm expected to furnish the room above the shop as a home*, for instance) and it's kind of expensive, but pfft. It's a stunningly laid out sim and I'm happy to be in it. (I should post some pictures at some point.) I do need to be redoing some of my boxes, product pictures, and demos, though, since it is an RP-only area. A part of me is running around and screaming about this, though, since I already have to finish the vendor and redo Elaine and do my donated piece for the Jewelry Expo auction and finish the Expo build.

Speaking of the build, though, it's coming along nicely. I've got the floor texture done, and now just need to get a handle on the walls. The worst part is rezzing the thing; it covers nearly an entire sim, so it takes a few tries before I manage to bring it out and bits of it don't go offworld, and the no build sections of the public sandboxes usually eat away a chunk or two.

* Okay, a home for my alt, who I've decided to use to RP with there. I don't know if I'll like it or not, but I figured it was worth a try.


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