Monday, October 01, 2007

It's occurred to me that some of you may be interested in the results from the Jewelry Expo auction. Here they are, listed by piece, winner, and winning bid.

SETI - Tanya Book - L$2,000
Seed of Life - Laurel Oh - L$2,100
Stars My Destination - Laurel Oh - L$4,650
Zafiria - Winston Courier - L$3,500
Celestial - Alienbear Gupte - L$10,000
Queen Galaxy (Gold) - lilPrincess Snowdrop - L$8,800
Queen Galaxy (Silver) - lilPrincess Snowdrop - L$11,000
Queen Galaxy (Dark) - lilPrincess Snowdrop - L$8,200
Multi Dangle Earth - Rosmairta Kilara - L$400
Heavenly Bodies - Raven Sutherland - L$1,500
Starlight - Tuli Asturias - L$3,500
Solar System - Tuli Asturias - L$350
Stars, Suns, and Comets - Tuli Asturias - L$1,000
Galaxy Bracelet - florenze Kerensky - L$1,751
Celestial Cameo - Mel Fitzcarraldo - L$3,000
Amore la Luna - Darkling Elytis - L$1,100
Moonlit - Twome Rutledge - L$7,600
Crystal Aurora - Liana Arai - L$1,500

Total: L$71,951

Coupled with L$52,102 from the donation kiosks and L$126,555 extra sponsor money, that's L$250,608 total -- or, after exchanging it on the Lindex, US$912.51 (which has been withdrawn and donated by this point). Thanks to everyone who donated or bid.


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