Friday, October 12, 2007

A quick update:

1. I'm done with both the remaining custom items. Yay!
2. I'm done building the shell of the new store. It still needs textures and furnishings, of course (and those aren't going to be fun, believe me), but the building itself is done. It's a central room surrounded by departments, so you'll be able to plunk yourself down in a (hopefully sculpted) chair and camera shop, if that's your thing.
3. I feel like I'm behind schedule. Given that I don't have much of a schedule beyond "be done and ready to buy the sim by the end of the year," this is kind of hard, but there's just so much to do and I'm so slow. The really big issues are the builds and the hair. Especially the hair.
4. I'm thinking of just giving my vendors away (no mod -- free, not open source) instead of selling them. I don't really want the responsibility of selling a script that's complicated and expensive. Too many problems if it goes kablooey.


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