Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Miriel will reopen on February 9 and 10.

Under pressure from Roslin Petion of Tete a Pied (so blame her if I'm not done in time! ;) ) I've set an official opening day for the sim. For members of Miriel's Latest, the sim will be open on Saturday, February 9. For everyone else, the doors will open on Sunday, February 10.

The new sim will feature a multitude of new items, including hair, jewelry, shapes, eyes, and clothing. It will also play host to The Golden Cage, a sim-wide puzzle game with many pieces of free jewelry as prizes.

(Regular readers already know most of that, of course. Now, let's hope I can make the deadline! Actually, in all honesty, I needed a deadline -- a real one, not just a hope of being done sometime in February -- because I'm finding that I don't work well without them. Still, this one seems frighteningly soon. I'd wanted to put it a few weeks later, but with Valentine's Day and all...)


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