Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The plants are all placed! I can't believe I actually finished that. I've got a couple more landscape related things to do (one of which can wait, if it comes down to it), but other than that, it's just Golden Cage and -- ugh -- vendor and sign stuff. Putting out vendors is such a pain. I've allotted two whole days just to getting the scripts all set up.

I also worked on my store's lighting system, and I'm pretty pleased with the results; I used a whole bunch of lights to, as much as I could, produce ambient light. The tricky part about lighting is that something that looks good at midnight or noon can severely overexpose things at sunrise and sunset. I think I struck a good compromise, though: avatars only look a little out of place at midnight (my store interior is full bright), and aren't lit too harshly at sunrise/sunset.


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