Wednesday, July 02, 2008


It still needs a bit more testing, but (fingers crossed) it looks like I've got Menu Vendor 2.0 working. It'll be free for the asking, just like the current vending system I give out.

New features in 2.0:
* Support for 3-4 simultaneous orders. (Probably 4, but a bit more testing is needed to see how much the script can handle before it implodes.)
* Simpler setup. Every vendor gets the same three scripts, no matter how many variables that product has.
* No more boxes! 2.0 gives folders instead.

New annoyances in 2.0:
* Support for 3 variables, instead of 4.
* Will slowly spam you with debit permission requests if you don't grant it that permission.
* Slightly less idiot proofing.


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