Friday, December 12, 2008

New from Miriel: Sculpted Holly Bracelet

Yes, a new release!

Holly is a Christmas bracelet featuring, well, holly! These carefully sculpted and textured leaves, accented with jeweled berries, wrap around your wrist elegantly. In addition, like all jewelry from Miriel, these bracelets are scripted: shiny and full bright can be turned on and off, for jewelry that looks good in every situation.

This bracelet is available in both gold and silver versions, and the berries come in diamond, jet, emerald, and ruby. (Gold and ruby shown here.) Permissions are your choice: copy/modify/no transfer, or no copy/modify/transfer.

Single colors sell for L$50, while a collection of all gold or silver pieces (four colors in all) is L$125. Each copy comes with both a left and right version. Demos available for all colors, so that you can know you're getting the right color.

Get it here.