Monday, January 19, 2009

Heart of Love Limited Edition Necklace!

Designer Shir Dryke, of Ornamental Life, needs a heart transplant, without which she will die. Unfortunately, she can't afford it and has only three weeks to raise the necessary funds. So a few of her friends have started the Heart of Love fundraiser, which needs to raise around L$700K. They're trying to do this through donation boxes and charity items.

You can read more about this at Flutter Memel's blog.

I've put up a donation box in my store, and I'm also releasing a charity item. All the money will go to Shir. This is a limited edition: it will only be available as long as the fundraiser is running, and will never be sold or given away after that.

Heart is a simple, elegant necklace with a sculpted heart pendant and pearl. It's been made with care, designed to strike a balance between flowing like a real necklace and hugging the contours of the avatar (which is blockier than you might realize!). This is a classic design, perfect for Valentine's Day or year round.

It's available in five metal colors: gold, antique gold, black, silver, and a new color, rose gold. It's no copy/modify/transfer, so you can give it as a gift or pass it on if it goes unused. Because it is a limited edition, and because it is for charity, it's L$150 for a single color.

Demos are available for all colors. Simply click on the main sign.

Slurl to the store.


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